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Multiply Church

Our mission is simple:

Invest in relationships with people to invite them into relationship with Christ

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Launching February 25, 2018


Our Values


    We believe a meaningful life is one lived with intentionality.  When you know who created you combined with why you were created, life becomes full.  You begin to see things differently, with purpose.

    God wants to do great things through you.


    Our desire is to see followers of Christ make more followers of Christ.  We do this by living on mission and starting churches.

    We live sent.


    We are real people with real issues.  Every person is important, and by showing grace in all things we reflect the grace God has shown us.  Grace is rooted in love and shown by what we say and how we live.

    Everyone is welcome.


    Generosity in our time, money, and skills shows the world we value eternal significance over temporary gain.  Our worth comes from being created in the image of God, and we ask Him to direct our resources for maximum Kingdom impact.

    When we give more, we have more.


    We are created to know God and know others.  Life is hard enough to go through alone.  Jesus spent his time on earth with all kinds of people, and we seek to follow His example.

    Life is better together.


    Despite the fact that we are all imperfect, we desire to be bold in living for Jesus.  God gave His very best to us through Jesus, and in pursuing boldness we give our very best to each other and those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus.

    We hold nothing back.

Dr. Chris Flora

Lead Pastor

“Our heart’s desire is to start a church that brings value to individuals, families, and communities through relationship with Jesus”

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